Message from the Chief


   I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Moorefield Police Department Web Site. We continue to provide effective law enforcement within the municipality by adding additional manpower, additional equipment, improved investigation techniques, and improved patrol effectiveness.  All are essential tools for a safe city and are paramount to our overall goal of providing the citizens of Moorefield with the best possible police service.

The Moorefield Police Department continually upgrades our services and has recently added equipment such as a Mobile Command and Crime Scene Unit, Electronic Message Display, a secure Wi-fi system for officers to utilize the most up to date records management system in the area which is linked to the Hardy County 911 System, and the Hardy County Prosecutors Office. 

Officers are continually training and are receiving training such as evidence collection, drug interdiction, domestic violence, child sexual assault, photography, patrol rifle and shotgun as well as many other fields over and above mandatory annual training.

The Moorefield Mayor and Town Council have provided support and cooperation with the shared goal of providing the most effective police department possible.  A year long construction project has just been completed complimenting the Department with a completely new office areas, interview rooms, training auditorium, and locker rooms.  The new office area boasts on of the most modern police agencies in the area.  A modern police agency equipped to attack the modern problems of our community.

I would also like to thank the Moorefield Community for the pledges of support of the Department in general, and for information provided to aid the Police Department as we daily fight to make Moorefield the safest place to live. 

The Moorefield Police Department pledges to strive for the most effective policing of our town. We look forward to positive interaction with the community, through community policing, social interaction, and being involved in community organizations.

Steven D. Reckart
Chief of Police

Mission and Values


To safeguard freedom by preserving life and property, protecting the constitutional rights of individuals, maintaining order and encouraging respect for the rule of law by the proper enforcement thereof.

To earn the respect of all individuals, by maintaining a knowledgeable, responsive, well-trained and accountable work force that discharges their duties and responsibilities with evidence of fairness, tolerance and equality.

To reduce the opportunity for the commission of crime by  implementing effective crime prevention strategies, fully investigating crimes when they occur and expeditiously apprehending criminal offenders.

To Identify, address and resolve the root causes of community problems and concerns in concert with citizen groups and representatives throughthe use of community oriented policing strategies.


Moorefield Police Department Is committed to an ongoing partnership with the community and other Law Enforcement
Agencies to ensure and promote the common goal to keep, maintain and preserve a safe environment for which we live.



PROFESSIONALISM: Committed to excellence through ongoing training and certification.

INTEGRITY: Dedicated to Honesty, Respect, and Trust at a standard beyond reproach.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Strive to build confidence and trust through communication with the community and other Law
Enforcement Agencies, and promises to hold all officers to the highest standard of professional conduct.